A Message from Dr. Todd Golde, Center Director

Dr. Todd GoldeI was recruited to the University of Florida in late 2009 to build the CTRND. Since my arrival I have been impressed by the intellectual capital, the diversity of the faculty and staff, the richness of resources, and the entrepreneurial spirit that pervades the campus. I am truly excited by the opportunity to build a Center that will focus on translating basic discoveries in neurodegenerative disease and stroke into new and more effective medical therapies.  By recruiting new faculty to the University of Florida and forging collaborations with existing faculty, I hope to create a dynamic, successful, world class center that can make a difference.

The road to new therapies for Neurodegenerative disease and stroke is littered with wreckage from previous efforts.  There are so few successes that for some indications, such as stroke, most major pharmaceuticals have abandoned their development programs. In other, rarer neurodegenerative conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Fronto-temporal dementias, there is almost no commercial interest; the problem is too tough and the market too small.  Within an entrepreneurial academic environment surrounded by a wealth of diverse expertise, I believe that we can create a unique model that will not only support the best possible basic discovery programs but also the translation of those basic discoveries into tangible advances that benefit patients.  We all know that this is not going to be easy but with patience, persistence, imagination, effective partnerships and excellence in our research I hope we can make major research contributions that in the future will help patients affected by these conditions.