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researcher in lab

UF neuroscientist discusses return to the lab for Nature Podcast

Jun 16th, 2020

In a new podcast, Dr. Malú Tansey discusses how her team helped lead the way in UF’s efforts to bring researchers safely back to the lab.

Dr. Malú G. Tansey PhD.

Dr. Tansey Named the Principal Investigator of a new Parkinson’s Foundation Research Center of Excellence Award

Jul 30th, 2019

The Parkinson’s Foundation has named UF Health as one of four Parkinson’s Foundation Research Centers of Excellence. “This support from the Parkinson’s Foundation will help us make a significant contribution […]

CTRND Researchers Give Hope for Potential Future Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments

Jan 8th, 2018

Dr. Todd Golde, Dr. Brenda Moore, and Dr. Diego Rincon-Limas publish a paper in Journal Of Experimental Medicine which gives hope for potential treatments of Alzheimer’s Disease. Read the UF […]

CTRND Researchers Publish in PNAS

Jan 16th, 2015

Jenna Leclerc, an MD-PhD student, and her CTRND faculty member adviser Dr. Sylvain Doré have had an article published in the January 12th issue of the journal Proceedings of the […]

Dr Edgardo Rodriguez Joins the CTRND

Nov 18th, 2014

Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez has joined the faculty of the CTRND.  Dr. Rodriguez joins us from the University of Iowa.